SMLIGHT - SLZB-06 - Créer un deuxième coordinateur Zigbee2MQTT

Bonjour à tous,

En ces périodes de fêtes, j’ai reçu mon adaptateur SMLIGHT SLZB06 afin d’étendre mon réseau Zigbee via POE dans mon extérieur.

Afin de l’installer en tant que second coordinateur, je me suis basé sur les articles suivants :

Pour le moment, j’ai réussi à créer un deuxième Zigbee2Mqtt sans docker et donc via l’OS de HA. C’est deuxième article qui m’a permis de faire ça. Je rentre ensuite les paramètres de mon adaptateur SLZB06 en LAN avec son adresse IP et d’autres infos mais je n’arrive pas à faire démarrer correctement mon Zigbee2Mqtt_Lan

Auriez-vous des conseils ?

Sorry, i don’t speak French so i am writing in English.
Send me your Z2M logs. This will help to identify the reason


Basé sur la config que tu partages, il est possible que ça soit le MQTT, tu ne donnes pas de nom de client MQTT. Je ne connais pas le client ID par défaut de Z2M mais s’il utilise tjrs le même c’est surement ça qui coince. (je crois que le paramètre c’est « client_id » sous « mqtt ».

Sinon, comme le dit @Frank, partages le journal de démarrage de ton 2me Z2M.


Je vois, je pourrais essayer de voir avec un autre client Mqtt voir si le problème vient de là


No problem Frank. Here is logs :

Ben là ça te le dit en toutes lettres…
Il n’est même pas arrivé au démarrage de MQTT, mais visiblement c’est le panID (je ne sais pas ce que c’est) mais ça a l’air de lui poser soucis qu’un 2eme Z2M tourne déjà avec le même id…
Fais un tour sur l’URL donnée pour voir les cas possible, peut-être ça parle de panID et comment gérer des valeurs différentes dans tes 2 Z2M…

I see that the problem is with PanID, a unique identifier of the Zigbee network in your system.
For the first test, to localize the problem, let’s start with the ZHA test.
We will try to start Zigbee with ZHA.

If you are not familiar with ZHA - I made a simple manual for you:

  1. Go to Home Assistant
  2. Settings
  3. Devices & Services
  4. Add integration (right bottom corner)
  5. Find « Zigbee Home Automation », click
  6. Between two options « Add Zigbee device » and « Zigbee Home Automation » choose « Zigbee Home Automation »
  7. Select serial port window - « Enter manually »
  8. Radio type window - « ZNP = Texas Instruments Z-Stack ZNP … »
  9. Serial port settings window:
  • Serial device path: « socket:// », where is IP address of your SLZB-06;
  • port speed left by default 115200;
  • data flow control undefined (it does not matter for LAN adapters)
    Press Submit.
  1. Network formation window - « Erase network settings and form a new network »

As a result of the abovementioned - the new integration should appear and start with one device (your adapter). If Ok, try to connect any Zigbee device as well.

Try it, please, and reply here with the results.
Based on the results, we will try to figure out what is wrong with Z2M.

Also, send me please config of your zigbee2mqtt - for both adapters that you are running.


Thank you for your response and all the steps to follow.

I installed ZHA successfully. The SLZB was installed successfully and I managed to install a door sensor in it.

Here is the configuration of the first zigbee USB adapter:

The configuration of the second is the image at the beginning of the post.

Can it be interesting to have two coordinators: one on ZHA and the other on Z2M?

Good. That confirms that the adapter works Ok, and the problem is somewhere in Z2M config.
Can you please remove pan_id: 6540 from the advanced part of Z2M settings for LAN adapter and start Z2M(LAN) again?
Actually, you can run both Z2M and ZHA, but the initial problem was with the second instance of Z2M so let’s solve it:) In any case, Z2M supports much more devices and provides better functionality.
Happy New Year!

Thanks, Happy New Year too ! :tada::blush:

I deleted the panId and a new error appeared as a replacement. I read that it may be necessary to install ser2net to connect a remote adapter but impossible to enter the commands because I have the os and in terminal mode it does not work.
Could it come from there?

Here is New logs

Most probably becouse your ZHA is still running and you cant connect twice to the same adapter at the same time (e.g. both ZHA and Z2M cant connect to the adapter in parallel). Please stop ZHA add-on and start Z2M.
You do not need to install anything else, it is a problem of Z2M config

Did u try it with stopped ZHA?


Yes, I stopped ZHA and I have the error that I had at the very beginning with the same error:

Zigbee2MQTT:error 2023-01-03 14:48:10: Error: network commissioning timed out - most likely network with the same panId or extendedPanId already exists nearby

Unbelievable. Let’s make the final try.
Let’s reflash your adapter to start from scratch.
Please follow this manual for flashing ( Over-the-Air (Ethernet) update). After the flashing, try to start your Z2M but be sure you remove the PanID setting from it.
Please reply here if it is successful or not.

any updates after the flashing? :slight_smile:

I reflashed, I deleted ZHA, I restarted Z2M and still this problem of PanID

On the Ukrainian article, I read :

"Sometimes Zigbee2MQTT creates networks with default pan ID 6754 and channel 11. This error prevents new devices from being added. To fix this, you need:

stop problematic Zigbee2MQTT;
using the File editor application, navigate to the config/zigbee2mqtt directory (the name is the same as in the data path);
add the configuration to the configuration.yaml file;
delete the coordinator_backup.json file;
launch the application."

Might be a way to consider

Can you try disconnecting the antenna (or turn-off all your Zigbee routers) - but better to just disconnect the antenna - and start Zigbee2MQTT?
I googled your problem and have found the similar one discussed here - the author recommended starting with a disconnected antenna
Try unscrewing the antenna during startup. Or unplug any near by routers temporarily

or as discussed here -

Dear @kenshi0 and @Frank, i am new in this forum, i have also this poe key, in ethernet, zha is working and now i am looking for some helps for installation of Zigbee2mqtt. The module start and shutdown after 10 seconds… are you able to help please ?

Mesdames et Messieurs :slight_smile:
Permettez-moi de vous informer qu’à partir d’aujourd’hui, les coordinateurs SLZB-06 prennent en charge les appareils Matter-over-Thread dans Home Assistant ! Voici un tutoriel vidéo sur la façon d’appairer les appareils Matter-over-Thread :

Et bien je suis surpris que la SLZB-06 prenne en charge Matter alors qu’il y a la SLZB-06M !!!
A moins que je n’ai pas vu la subtilité encore
Je vais regarder la vidéo de ce pas

Je sais que dans la version 2.1 la SLZB-06M le flash pour l’usage de matter thread sera simplifier eet accessible par l’interface de la clé